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Micro Insights Coaching Program

Fast, Personal, Simple and Powerful
Assessment and Coaching That Brings Insight to Fit into Your Busy Life

Do you have challenges in your career and work life or are you interested in professional growth but don’t have time (or money) for a long, in-depth coaching program?

Are you clear on the value you offer? You need clarity about your value and how to use it in order to feel confident and position yourself for the next promotion or career change.

You may not fully appreciate how deeply your natural communication and work style pervades everything you do and how you do it. Your work preferences explain why some people get on your nerves (and why you get on theirs) and why some jobs exhaust you. Those preferences also determine the type of work you enjoy and your strengths. Ironically, you may overlook your natural strengths because you do them naturally. We frequently hear, “Oh…I never thought of that as a skill. It’s just what I do.” Exactly. The clearer you are about these skills the more you can use them to your benefit. Plus, those same skills are your biggest liability. You can’t maximize your asset and manage the liability without insight.

The Micro Insights Coaching Program offers bite-sized insight into your natural communication and work style and how it impacts your work. And, it fits into your busy work life.

Maybe you’ve taken a self-assessment that is dozens of questions, pages of results written in theoretical mumbo-jumbo. Micro Insights Coaching is not that. We use a 12-question assessment that takes minutes to complete. The one-page results are easy-to-understand and written in words you would use. Don’t mistake the speed and ease with lack of impact. That one page is a powerhouse of insight and Shelley will walk you through the practical application of the results.

Micro Insights Coaching includes:

  • Access to the Communication DNA self-assessment that provides a quick, consumable,
    personal profile of your natural communication preferences, and a
  • 30-minute coaching session with Shelley to apply your results to your specific situation.

When you understand your unique communication style and the strengths that they indicate, you are better positioned to:

  • Leverage them for career enhancement
  • Adjust your communication approach to better suit your boss and co-workers
  • Know when your strength could backfire

Micro Insights Coaching is fast and affordable. It’s high impact and low cost.



*Note that this program is intended for individuals. For information on corporate or team coaching, contact Shelley.

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Micro Insights Coaching Program

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