Motivate and Manage Using Infotuition®

Program Focus: Leadership Development, Employee Engagement & Motivation, Workplace Dynamics, Productivity

Leadership Development, Employee Engagement & Motivation, Workplace Dynamics, Productivity
Can you afford to lose productivity?  Do you have gifted staff who struggle to work effectively with others?

Take advantage of recent discoveries in neuroscience to better motivate and manage staff. You don’t have to guess at what will work—the research is in and motivation is not just about money. Learn the factors that reward the brain and how to apply them. Assist managers to use the logic behind how the brain works to motivate staff.

  • Learn how to keep the brain functioning at peak cognitive performance
  • Apply the five elements of reward to effectively motivate and manage
  • Understand how to prioritize precious brain power for its most productive use
This leadership development program is geared toward mid to upper-level managers, and is appropriate for a keynote, workshop, virtual program or webinar. It is an excellent companion to the Infotuition® decision-making program.

This program benefits from the use of the DNA Behavior self-assessment tool that turns hard-to-grasp behaviors into charts and graphs that are easier to apply for managers.

Participant Comments:

  • Excellent comments on motivation and interpersonal skills.
  • I liked the applications and examples relative to the various groups and individuals (including me!) that we regularly work with. Good value; pertinent to our situations. Thanks!
  • Introspective aids to help understand how and why we do what we do in situations and how to mitigate negative and positive behavior.