Avoid the Leadership Pitfalls of Over-Thinking

Program Focus: Leadership Development, Decision-Making

If you’ve ever felt “stuck” while your mind whirls and churns, then you know what over-thinking is like. Over-thinking makes the easy hard, the obvious obscure, and commonsense not so common.

This program breaks through the five leadership pitfalls of over-thinking:

  • Over-analyzing decisions
  • Over-reliance on rules, processes and procedures
  • Overly narrow focus
  • Overly protective thinking
  • Being overly dependent on approval

This program is best for mid-level to more senior leaders. It is well suited for a workshop or seminar that includes extensive interaction. It can also be delivered as a keynote, breakout and virtually. A companion Minibük is a value-added addition to this program.

Leadership Pitfalls of Over-Thinking Minibük by Shelley Row

Participant Comments:

  • Makes you re-look at yourself and better understand how and why you make decisions. Will help you handle that tough decision better.
  • Shelley helped me to write down my values, understand my triggers and to have faith in my gut.
  • Shelley is positive, knowledgeable and creative. Shelley is inspirational and really down to earth. Shelley is making a difference in transportation and future leadership.
  • Everyone LOVED your presentation. You single-handedly made this training the best ever!