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Insightful Leadership Institute Seeks a Dynamic Social Media and Website Manager

Job Description: Part Time (for now) Social Media and Website Manager

A fast-growing, woman-owned business seeks a goal-focused and creative Social Media and Website Manager who gets things done and who wants to contribute to having an impact on others through the Insightful Leadership Institute (ILI). The goal for the Social Media and Website Manager is to develop and execute a social media, newsletter and website strategy to grow the reach and message of the ILI. Responsibilities In collaboration with the founder, Shelley Row,and the ILI Business Manager this person will be responsible for developing and executing a social media, SEO, newsletter and website strategy to expand the message and enhance the positioning of the ILI brand.

The Social Media and Website Manager will develop coordinated messages and keywords to be used across all social media, newsletter and website platforms. The successful candidate will have skills in virtual marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) and will apply those skills to creatively develop, design and implement messages across LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook as a minimum for an intentional social media strategy.

The candidate will also be responsible for creating and implementing a newsletter platform that expands the impact of the ILI to targeted audiences. The candidate will manage contact lists through MailChimp and KarmaCRM and leverage the lists for use in marketing ILI products and services. The Social Media and Website manager will also have responsibility for leveraging and updating the ILI website for consistent messaging and SEO.

The candidate will post blogs with targeted links and keywords and implement payment platforms via the website. The candidate will also provide routine website maintenance and updates to ensure efficient loading, security and constant availability.The Social Media and Website manager will work with the Business Manager to use social media, the newsletter and website to launch new programs (such as online programs, webinars, podcasts, speaking events) and ensure clear consistent messaging across all platforms.

Skills and Attributes

The candidate should have the following skills:

•Application of social media platforms (specifically LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter),

•Design of social media graphics,

•Creating and launching newsletters,•Basic video editing (for YouTube),

•Managing contact lists via MailChimp and Karma to support marketing goals,•Use of Karma (or similar CRM platform) for lead tracking and follow-up,

•Creating auto-marketing responders for consistent follow up with client leads,

•Skill in WordPress for website updates and routine maintenance (website design and extensive maintenance work would be done through other contracts as necessary),

•Proficiency in Microsoft office products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint,

•Graphic design fundamentals.

This position is for you if…

You want to bean active collaborator in a dynamic environment that gives you the creative freedom to apply your skills to reach goals. In addition to being an exciting opportunity with tremendous growth potential, this position allows you to learn from Shelley’s leadership experience, participate first-hand in growing an entrepreneurial business that makes a difference in the world and allows you to participate in a dynamic business from the inside out.

Work Environment

The position starts at 20 hours per week and is likely to grow. During the trial period of three months, the Social Media and Website Manager will be an hourly contractor. Once we determine that there is a mutually beneficial fit, the position becomes an employee with a salary. The Social Media and Website Manager may work remotely much of the time but should plan to be in the ILI offices in Annapolis, MD a couple days per week when Shelley is in town.

The Insightful Leadership Institute was founded by Shelley Row, PE, CSP and is based in Annapolis, MD. Trained as an engineer, Shelley is passionate about helping technical professionals transform their technical skills into management and communication skills. These are skills that Shelley had to learn to become a senior executive in the federal government. Today, she is a sought-after speaker and trainer. And she consults for leadership development particularly to technical companies. To learn more about the ILI, see our website at candidates should send a cover letter, resume, references and relevant work examples to