Enhance Decision-Making, Motivation and Teamwork
Using the Power of Infotuition®

Think about it. In your workplace…

  • Are great ideas left on the table because technical staff alienates others?
  • Is time wasted on analysis paralysis before a decision is made?
  • Do you miss critical input when staff don’t speak up because they want to avoid conflict?
  • Do hastily written, sharply worded emails leave those on the receiving end seething and unable to work together?

Unproductive workplace behaviors like these have one thing in common. Feelings get in the way. But as logical, rational professionals, the last thing we want to deal with is feelings. In fact, Shelley, as an engineer, was taught, “There’s no place for feelings at work.” Today, neuroscience demonstrates that it’s neither possible nor desirable to silence feelings.

It’s high time we learned how to work WITH those feelings and capture the intelligence and data they bring…it’s just data of a different sort. That’s the core concept behind INFOTUITION®.

Infotuition® is the skilled integration of information and intuition to stop over-thinking, calm workplace drama, and supercharge collaboration. Shelley’s work is grounded in 77 executive interviews who validate the power of infotuition®.

If you want to grow the bottom-line in a complex world, you need insightful leaders who skillfully balance hardline analytics and gut feel to access valuable data to drive their company forward by creating a more cohesive, decisive and motivated team.

Shelley can show you how to take the mystery out of workplace feelings, strip away the touchy-feely and replace it with practical techniques. You owe it to yourself and your company to learn more about Infotuition®. It might just be your secret weapon to no-nonsense productivity gains

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Here are some results of using Infotuition® in the workplace:

“Personal relationships are so much better…that we’re just able to get complex work done much faster.”

“I would say that we have reduced the amount of time that it takes to make decisions, so I think our agility and flexibility have improved…”

“Really it has the greatest impact on the team because now the sum is greater in terms of value, … and getting things done right the first time and in less time.”

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