Make Faster, Smarter, More Insightful Decisions

Is your organization swimming in data but lacking in insight?
Is the rapid pace of change threatening your ability to make timely decisions?
Are you analyzing your changing world using yesterday’s thinking?

Increase your competitive edge by learning how to combine information and intuition to make faster, smarter, more insightful decisions.

To be a leader, you must make decisions daily without complete information.  With disruptive change and uncertainty, each decision becomes riskier, more complex and delayed.

Don’t over-think it. There’s another way – infotuition. Personal interviews with over 70 leaders confirm that the most effective leaders make decisions by gathering information while also trusting their intuition.  That powerful combination is what Shelley calls infotuition.

Infotuition is the intersection of business pragmatics with gut feel.

 Infotuition…You’ve got it.  Are you using it?

Shelley can help.  By combining her interview results with published research on brain neuroscience she created the one-of-a-kind Infotuition Four-Type Decision Model. Plus, Shelley is an engineer who is prone to over-think…well, everything, but she learned to combine information with intuition. As a result she became an executive and changed her life.

Today, Shelley works with top managers and leaders in data-driven fields who must make fast, insightful decisions in the face of uncertainty, rapid change and ambiguity.

Contact Shelley about bringing infotuition to your organization.

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