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Discover the keys to more effective decisions, increased productivity, and improved workplace dynamics with leadership speaker Shelley Row.

Our fast-changing world is filled with ambiguity, and complexity is growing. Your ability to remain competitive depends on the decisions you make in this challenging environment. Yes, it takes data…but sometimes data alone is not enough. That’s when you need Infotuition®—the skilled balance of information and intuition.

The best decisions in leadership and life come when you think, feel and act. Consider how many times progress is stopped by over-thinking, over-reactive feelings torpedo a meeting, or when you need an aha-moment for a creative solution.

Grounded in original research including 77 executive interviews, neuroscience, and personal executive experiences, Shelley Row’s interactive programs reveal how to use your Infotuition® for more effective decisions, less stress, increased productivity, and improved workplace dynamics.

You simply can’t reach that highest plateau without the skilled balance of cognition and intuition. And no one has these programs but leadership speaker Shelley Row.

Shelley's Most Requested Programs

Shelley is not just a speaker who flies in, delivers a canned program, and flies out. She works with you to understand participant and organizational needs and concerns, including personal calls with audience members in advance. She’ll design a program tailored to your specific goals and challenges.

Why Shelley Row

Why Shelley?

  • Proven Results

    Clients report higher productivity, more effective decision-making, and less wasted time.

  • Shelley's a Pro

    With hundreds of presentations nationally and internationally, she arrives prepared and polished. She is easy to work with. No missed deadlines, and a promo video developed just for your event.

  • Real-World Leadership Experience

    Tired of leadership speakers who never led anything? Shelley is an award-winning executive who has been there, done that. And she is an ACC certified coach with the International Coaching Federation

  • Original Leadership Research

    Shelley's content is based on original research. She personally interviewed 77 executives on how they use intuition in decision-making. Plus, she has a certificate from the NeuroLeadership Institute.

  • Knowledge Retention

    Other speakers are done at the final bow. Not Shelley. She provides practical takeaways, follow-up emails and mail-back cards that reiterate the main points. Research shows that follow-up increases learning retention by 40-60%.

Top Organizations Rely on Shelley's Expertise