Reduce Over-Thinking. Lower Workplace Drama.
Grow Bottom-Line Results

Okay, you say, of course my organization could benefit from reduced over-thinking, less workplace drama and a bigger bottom-line, but what makes this work different?

You instinctively know that leadership is not just about the data, and logic doesn’t always win the day. That’s because neuroscience shows us that people are designed as thinking and feeling beings –not necessarily in that order. Too often professional development work ignores the realities of human behavior.

This work is different.

Whether motivating, teaming or deciding, Shelley develops insightful leaders with the skills to leverage all parts of the brain.

If you want to grow the bottom-line in a complex world, you need insightful leaders….leaders who have a sophisticated approach that skillfully balances hardline analytics and gut feel, and integrates information with intuition for astute action. That’s infotuition®.

Shelley Row Keynotes & Workshops

Keynotes & Workshops

Combine business acumen with “gut" feel for effective decision-making, enhanced motivation and skilled teamwork.

Shelley Row Consulting


Customized to your needs, Shelley's consulting programs help you increase your competitive edge, save time, and reduce stress by growing insightful leaders. while reducing workplace drama.

Leadership Tools from Shelley Row


Here are tools for developing your own insightful leadership style.

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